Iris Muriël graduated as a product designer from de Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017. She often works on social issues like Piece of Comfort, a powernap bed to combat stress in a work situation, and ‘Veggie Vases’ a product designed to reduce food waste.


She is interested in people. How they live, what kind of decisions they make in life, and what there are based upon. She likes to look into people’s lives and see if she can add something to it. She always starts her work with research, as she wants to have theoretical background for her projects. She uses the research to translate facts into understandable concepts and then translate those into aesthetically pleasing objects. Currently she has a design studio specialized in space saving furniture solutions and she is setting up a production line for her office powernap bed; Piece of Comfort. Her vision is to serve a social purpose by creating a tangible solution.



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