The Bazaar


For the Dutch Packing Association (DPA), three of my classmates and I were asked to rethink how supermarkets will evolve in the future.  First of all we think that time will become more limited, which is why we think that consumers will want to order their daily necessities online and pick them up just around the corner. But people also still want to experience food and get new inspiration. Our concept is based on two types of stores. One is a pick-up point located where the regular supermarket is nowadays and the other is “The Inspiration Bazaar” on the outskirts of the city. Consumers can taste the products and be seduced to buy them there.


Everything works via an app.  One can order goods online or by scanning products via a code on the packaging. This provides all the information desired about the product. As the products are visible in the inspiration bazaar, food labelling is no longer needed.


The packing will be vacuum sealed because it doesn’t need to be displayed in a store and in this also takes less space. There are two types of packaging: the portion packaging and the ready meals. The portion packaging is food packed in the right amount for one person, the ready meal is the same as the microwave meals we have now, only it is based on a ‘sous–vide’ technique where you cook vacuum sealed food.


Since all the packing uses just only  one material and has no added labels it makes it easy to recycle. As the main problem with recycling of plastics is that it is hard separate all the different types of plastics.




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