Iceland is a land of incredible immense nature. It controls the lives of the Icelandic people. Their whole country runs on geothermal energy and they use the few resources that they have to the fullest.


Hreint is a souvenir for Iceland in which I made use of the available resources and created something for relaxation. In Iceland a lot of people make use of spas heated by geothermal heating and the most famous one is the Blue Lagoon. This wellness set, Hreint, is referring towards this habit; it was developed to provide one with the known feeling of coming at ease within the nature of the Icelandic home. In this set I used natural materials available in Iceland like basalt stone, sea salt, silica algae mud and Angelica Archangelica massage oil. The overall shape that is used, is the hexagon. This shape is related to shape of the basalt pillars in Iceland.


Hreint means ‘pure’ in Icelandic language. The logo is related to an Icelandic magical stave from the Vikings, it symbolizes protection. With this I refer to the Icelandic culture in which they believe nature has a healing and protecting aspect.


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