Socially Influenced


For this project I worked together with the “Ministry of Security and Justice” (“Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie”). We did a project on alcohol and violence among youngsters.


I researched the differences between the small village where I grew up, which has just one bar, and compared this with the city Eindhoven, which has one street with fifty bars. I made a movie about the differences between these places and the violence that occurred.


The conclusion was that the main problem stemmed from social groups and group pressure, which turn out to be influential (to certain individuals). I did research on different groups and what kind of characters there are within a group based on the theory of Belbin.


As a result I created a game which tells you what your character is within a group and how it influences yourself and others. The idea is that you first pick the character who you think you are, then you play the game and find out who you really are. If youngsters are more aware of their role within a group it could prevent disturbances.


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