Second Value


Why do people work?


Of course earning money is a reason, but besides that there are also many other reasons why people work. One of the most important ones is having a feeling of being meaningful. However there are a lot of jobs where this appreciation is not so out spoken. This because these jobs are seen as lower valued jobs, or they are less visible. For in stances people who work at night to build our roads.  But this appreciation is actually very important for retaining jobs.  One of the biggest reason why people quiet there jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated for what the do. So to retain these jobs in the future it’ s key to show that you are meaningful to society.


There for I created a series of shirts for different kind of professions who are seen as less valuable/less visible. By wearing this shirt you make a statement, that you are proud of what you are doing for a living and you are no longer a anonymous figure in the crowd.


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