Veggie Vases


Over 2 billion kilos of food are thrown away every year in the Netherlands alone. This comes down to 135 euro per person thrown away each year.   Veggie Vases can help reduce this waste.


It turns out that many people struggle to preserve their vegetables. They either can’t be kept fresh long enough or they are forgotten in the vegetable drawer. As a result, they end up in the bin.


My research showed that storing vegetables in water, like flowers, will keep them fresh much longer. For this, I designed Veggie Vases to store many types of vegetables.


Veggie Vases will fit in any refrigerator door without spilling water. For bigger vegetables we have vases to go on a shelf. Another big benefit is that you can easily see the fresh vegetables, which prompts using them.


Veggie Vases offers an opportunity towards a more sustainable living.








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